the beautiful NYFW

As many of you know, last week was most likely the best week of my entire 20 years of breathing. I have the marvelous opportunity of volunteering/interning for New York Fashion Week with BCBGMAXAZRIA. And as you can imagine every aspect was a dream.

First let me start off by saying I'm a very lucky girl to be interning with one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, BCBGMAXAZRIA. BCBGMAXAZRIA is such a great company to work with. I am truly blessed that I get the opportunity to move to Los Angeles this coming summer and intern with in Creative Services/Social Media.

I set off for my trip to NYC on February 10th on a Tuesday night. I arrived in Manhattan around 10 p.m., yet my shuttle didn’t drop me off until around 1 a.m.

NYC TIP #1: Don’t take shuttles because you have to wait on everyone else to get dropped off first, USE UBER! Once I got to our hotel, the Hilton Manhattan East, I met up with my Aunt Susan and cousin Laine. They showed me to a cute deli where I immediately ordered a deli sandwich that was scarfed down in minutes. New York should be called the city that never sleeps, for sure. We came back to the hotel and we straight to bed because tomorrow I would start my volunteering for NYFW!

Day 1 of NYFW

I am not an early bird. Period. So waking up everyday at 7 a.m. was a bit of a struggle for me. But on my first day of work I was so excited and very nervous. I got ready and threw on a Free People halter tank, Ann Taylor LOFT leather blazer, slick leggings and my favorite 3 inch chic booties.

And of course I had to wear my staple lip color Diva by MAC. Once I was ready, I started my journey to find a cab… or be a New Yorker and trot over to Starbucks for some morning brew. I grabbed and coffee and sat down to take in the big city, but not for long.

When I arrived at the BCBG offices in NYC I was completely in awe. It was absolutely beautiful. Fresh flowers everywhere, beautiful women dressed in the all the chicest shades of black, pristine logos, stunning closets overflowing with garments, trendy jewelry tossed all around the room, shoes and clothing staples decorated the walls of every room.

I reported to the receptionist for my daily duties. The first day I started off working on seating for the Herve Leger show. Herve Leger, for those of you who don't know, is BCBGMAXAZRIA's more upscale, high fashion brand. My job was to find the wholesale and retail people attending the show and to write their seat number down on a document. I loved working on seating...probably because I am a perfectionist. ;)

Later on in the bitter cold day, I got to work in the Herve showroom, which was literally a girl's dream closet. My new task was pulling garments for an appointment with Kirkland’s the next day. It was am amazing experience getting just touch the Herve cloth. It was so dense and viscous that you had to be very delicate with the dresses.

Later I went back to arranging seating. Around 6 ’o clock, we were aloud to leave for the night. I then met up with my aunt and cousin for dinner & drinks at quaint sushi bar in the Upper East Side. It was BYOB, so naturally we had a great time! We finished off our sushi and treated ourselves to some Japanese ice cream! Yum.

We then proceeded to drinks at McFadden’s across the street from our hotel. Our night ended with heart-to-hearts, chocolate martinis and the arrival of my mother joining us in NYC for the rest of the week. Day 1 of Fashion Week couldn’t get any better than that.

Day 2 of NYFW

Day 2 of Fashion Week was pretty relaxed. We had the BCBG show in the morning, so everyone was gone from the office. The volunteers/interns had to “man the desk” while everyone was at the show. We watched the BCBG show from the office computers and had a very calm morning.

Later on in the day we had to prepare for our Private Client event, which was one of my favorite experiences of the whole trip. All the interns and volunteers had to meet ay the BGBG flagship store (meaning the originating store) later that evening.

When we arrived we went straight to work: helping the models find hair and makeup, setting up for the bartenders lavish spread, creating mod candle lights, transporting garments to the fitting rooms for models. At the private client show my job was to dress a model. SO MUCH FUN! We had to prepare all of our looks with shoes and accessories. Ten of us interns were chosen to dress the models.

My model’s name was Anja and she was the sweetest thing. We first dressed them in BCBG Resort wear. They walked out on the store’s runway while Lubov Azria (Max’s wife & the Creative Director of BCBG) spoke about the collection. We had to change the models very quick in order to get them out on the runway for their second looks and the Herve Leger show directly after.

Next my model, Anja wore tightly fitted bandaged dresses for the Herve looks. The hardest part of this was getting her shoes on believe it or not. But despite any wardrobe malfunctions, we put on a fabulous show and had clients flooding through the fitting rooms after the show.

Once we finished cleaning the fitting rooms and dressing our models back into their normal clothes, we were free to leave. I got a taxi and went back to my hotel. I met up with my mom, aunt and cousin where they presented me with mini gourmet cupcakes! I was so exhausted from dressing the models and the mini fashion show that I passed right out. Sweet dreams for day 3!

Day 3 of NYFW

Day 3 was filled with family fun, model boards, organizing/put backs & of course 8 degree weather.

All day long was a process of shipping everything from the BCBG runway show back to headquarters in LA. So us volunteers did a lot of counting, recounting, records, re-stuffing makeup/crisis bags, creating and RECOUNTING again! ;) I am now a pro at runway boards and ruler measurements because I had to craft so many headshot, finale and line-up boards.

It was all very fun and very precise work. Everything had to look perfect for the Herve runway show tomorrow. Around 4 p.m. I got a break from the fashion world to meet up with my family at Dylan’s Candy bar! What a fun experience filled with tasty frozen hot cocoa, scrumptious blueberry vodka drinks, a unique blue cupcake seating venue and candy galore. & I got to stop by my favorite macaron place- Laduree. Literally best thing my mouth has ever tasted!

It was such a neat and touristy experience. But sooner or later I had to go back to work and finish the runway boards. I arrived at BCBG once again on day 3 to finish the model line-up boards. We stayed at BCBG headquarters till 11 p.m. scurrying to finish the boards. Finally, our super visisors allowed us to go home and get some sleep.

BTW: My sleep cycle calculator said I had only received a total of 9 hours of sleep in the past 2 nights… haha good sign.

Goodnight beautiful city, see you in the morning for day 4 aka HERVE RUNWAY DAY!