Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bills

The very moment I e-met, aka formally met via email, Sydney Hedberg (the fabulous author of Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bills) I knew she was the ultimate girl boss. Also, I discovered with one click that she attended school at Ole Miss, so unsurprisingly I knew she was a stellar gal. I was drawn to her book title that was embedded in her online profile on LinkedIn. The title caught my eye right away because… I mean, two of the most glamorous & expensive department stores in the history of high fashion were bolded on the cover.

Sydney had originally asked me to help promote her book by giving her Teen Vogue contacts since I am one of their “It” girls for this year. I unfortunately did not have the right contacts at the time, so instead I offered my blog and Instagram page as a promotion for her. After a few minutes on LinkedIn messaging (lol), she soon discovered I was a graphic designer and asked for my design services to revamp her book cover.

Without hesitation I took the offer and gave her my email for her to send me her thoughts of color scheme and layout. Sydney shot me an email within seconds. Then the fun began with lots of bottles of Veuve Clicquot… OK maybe that was just Sydney, and not me.

I am proud to say that within a week, I designed a high-end, modern book cover that truly embodied all that Sydney wanted & more (at least so she says haha). We went with a black, white and a pop of glittery gold color to match the overpowering theme of finance and luxury in the book. We worked together to create the perfect look that would make Barneys, Bergdorfs & Billsfly off the shelves.

THE BAG CHOICE: I pitched Sydney my ideas and concept for the cover and she LOVED IT! We chose Henri Bendel- esque bags that were thrown over a polished woman’s shoulder with 100s of dollars overflowing her new shopping bag.

& here is what we got… drumroll please:

A week or so later, Sydney arrived at my house in Oxford with a box full of freshly printed Barneys, Berdorfs & Bills books with my NEW cover design. We hugged each other with toothy grins. The moment she handed me a copy (not only did I take a picture… because you guys know me), I scurried straight up to my room and began to dig in.

THE BOOK REVIEW: Honestly, I don’t read books. Sorry mom and dad, I just don’t have time. Oh, but you will be proud now!

Once I read the first chapter of Barneys, Berdorfs & Bills I was fired up with questions. I started asking all my friends if they had ever heard of the topics that Sydney was discussing in her book such as --- what exactly is The Federal Reserve, how to file your taxes, how interest rates REALLY work and even how to manage your credit score. I mean I don’t have a credit card yet, but jesh there is SO MUCH TO KNOW.

THE LOW-DOWN: I have never felt more informed in my life about investments, my savings and my financials in general. Honestly, I feel like there are a lot of young women out there like me who are confused about money and what it all entails. Barneys, Begrdorfs & Bills is the picture-perfect financial handbook for girls that truly “just want to have funds.”

This book is a life saver when it comes to lucrative topics that no one our age wants to talk about or worry about. Sydney makes boring blah blah topics such as learning about the stock market and buying your own insurance into engaging, fun information. Seriously girls, I feel so much more educated and prepared for the real world (which starts in 3 months when I graduate) than ever before.

Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bills is a must-have for young women who are wanting to make bank and still eat their cake, buy Tiffany’s diamonds and a pair of Louboutins too.

I’m so honored to have worked with such a smart and ambitious woman as Sydney Hedberg. She has inspired me to start saving and make better financial choices, which I am absolutely sure this book will do the same for you all.

Buy her amazing book, Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bills (WITH MY NEW COVER) on Amazon or pick-up a copy at our local PureRyde this week!