Parisian Bold

I woke up feeling a little French this morning, y'all! Not only do I love the French language, but I can speak it too.

Vous ne pensez pas que c'est super? (Don't you think that is cool?)

I studied the "language of love" for 5 years. I honestly should be a little better than I am now though.

Today's "Parisian Bold" look was inspired by the stripes and colorful scarves that French love to sport.

I am loving the bandana scarf trend. I have a red and a black one, both from H&M. Bandana scarves always can add a little dimension to my look. I either tie it in the front and let it hang or toss it to the side.

What makes this look "bold" is the edge that I created with the high-waisted black jeans and the over-sized jean collared shirt.

I am so into layering right now! I also love to tie my jean shirt around my waist with any look. If you ever feel like you need to add a little something more with your outfit, then resort to a tying a jean jacket or flannel around your waist.

Then of course, the "it girl" shoes of summer are a pair of lace up wedges/bootites. I could seriously wear these everyday you guys. They are so comfy and you won't believe the price. I got these from Charolette Russe for $20.

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