Greenpoint Insider

This weekend, I spent some time in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It felt soooo good to get away from hustle and bustle of city life for a day.

Which brings me to why I visited this rad city. My sweet friend, Chloe, lived in Greenpoint last summer. She had no trouble showing me all the cutest antique jewelers, delicious donut shops & trendy thrift stores.

Our first stop was Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop.

The donuts were SO affordable and delicious. This quaint mint green shop was overflowing with tourists and townies. You can totally tell it is the town's favorite weekend stop.

Next up was the the antique store across the street. We could have spent hours in there looking at all the vintage jewels and furniture.

We found the most adorable NYC gold necklaces for $10, which I will now be wearing everyday. (;

My necklace is the NYC skyline and Chloe's says "New York" in cursive. They are so dainty and chic. I am obsessed with any kind of thin gold necklaces, so this was a major win for me.

Next was my FAVORITE stop: Beacon's Closet.

A little bit about it: "Beacon's Closet has become one of the most well-known, oft-visited buy-sell-trade stores in New York, scouted by TV stylists, dug through by the fashion-conscious, and thoroughly searched by students and those on a budget." - Racked NY

We spent almost 2 hours in the massive vintage store. From now on when I am in Brooklyn, I will most likely be begging everyone I am with to make a pit stop at Beacon's Closet. I ended up buying 3-4 items for just $40 bucks (all designer vintage)!!

Then we made our way around the block to shop for some cacti and succulents. We also shopped at a local farmer's market. They were selling $1 sunflowers! I love how flowers are so affordable anywhere in NY.

Ok then we found this pretty pink house on our stroll. Talk about adorable!

Even though it was bit of a gloomy day in Greenpoint, the shopping and food scene did not disappoint. And of course, we had to have a little outfit of the day (#OOTD) shoot before leaving.

We were "lucky" enough to find this jaunty Simpsons painted garage door. It was the perfect place for a photoshoot.

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