Shoe Game Changer: Talaria Flats

Let me start by saying: I wish I would have thought of this! Talaria Flats are a shoe game changer... to say the least!

Talaria Flats are foldable, yes I said FOLDABLE, ballet flats. These flats are every party girl and working girl's dream. They can fit right into my Tory Burch satchel or even my boxy Kate Spade purse.

Too often, I feel like I am the first girl at the party kicking off my sky-high heels just to do the "Cupid Shuffle" on the dance floor. Or I am always the girl walking to work in my Adidas Superstar sneakers and then squatting on a bench outside of the World Trade Center to throw on a pair oflace up booties. Because believe it or not... Anna Wintour will ride the elevator with you and she will check out your outfit.

These are my new go-to slip on shoes. My Talaria Flats came in the classiest gold zip-up bag. They simply unfold and are a perfect fit. The whole shoe swapping process is so simple. I am definitely getting these for all the bridesmaids in my bff's wedding next May! They are TOO perfect.

I have been wearing these gorgeous, foldable flats everyday to work! I have received many compliments on them just waiting in the elevator. I am beyond obsessed! HELLOOO day-to-night shoes.

Obsessed yet!!!!?! Want your own pair of Talaria flats? Shop their site here.

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