SB2K17 Fashion by Location

As Spring Break draws nearer, everyone is scrambling around for the newest and cutest trends. It is a worldwide fashion epidemic. Lucky for you, I have all the details on the upcoming spring break trends.


New York this season is particularly making some bold statements with stripes. Horizontal stripes. Think chic sailor. Whether it be a dress or a simple tee, stripes will give you that clean finished look that you so desired.

Another trend New Yorkers will be sporting this spring break are bra tops. Lingerie-like pieces have been paired with high waisted jeans, skirts, shorts and more. This spring break wear a bra top that will give you that edgy but effortlessly sexy look.


Now we're going to take a trip to one of the most fashion forward places in the world. Paris. Leading in all trends "francais" Paris has the classic spring break styles that you won't be able to live without. First up on the list is the color pink. We're talking cotton candy to a deep cherry pink. Keep things sweet with the different shades Paris has to offer. Take it back to Rydell High and let out your inner pink lady.

Another Parisian trend coming this spring break is metallics. They ooze a darling futuristic aura that will make you stand stand out from the crowd. Work the urban mermaid look at the beach girls, you will be envied by all.


Lastly, a trend that you are going to definitely want a piece of, is the babydoll craze. Doll faces and candy colors are popping up like wildflowers and everyone wants a slice of the cake. Become your own version of Lolita and get ready for a little romance this spring break!

Are you going a more edgy SB? Like Cabo or Miami. Shop some deep-v's, high-wasited shorts and crop tops below.