Summer Swimmies

It is that time of the year again where we shed those awful restricting layers to show our true sun-kissed amazing selves. And with that comes an important responsibility: to pick the perfect swimsuit. Lucky for you guys I have got 5 great swimsuits for the much awaited summer.

We've got a classic trend that never goes out of style. Stripes! Whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal it is a sophisticated motif that will definitely give you a fresh look at the beach.

Next we have the lovely lace swimsuit. It has dashes of lace in tasteful places so to not overwhelm. This can most certainly work as a one piece or a bikinis Romanticism is having a positive incline this year so utilize lace to your advantage this summer. It's a flirty look that will indubitably catch someone's eye.

Then we have the bare shoulders look which will also work for both one pieces and bikinis. It will give off a femme fatale vibe that will have men falling at your feet. Plus you'll be able to easily get that gorgeous tan with this off the shoulder silhouette.

But one of the hottest trends for this upcoming summer is the high leg one piece. This trend gives off a retro vibe that is also extremely flattering. And if that doesn't convince you check out Iskra Lawrence in one for her Aerie advertisements. C'est Magnifique!

Last but not least we have the crochet swimsuit which looks best as a bikini. This look is very boho chic while also being super modern. It looks best with solid colors and if done right you will be looking very 70's Coachella-esque. Groovy!

Welcome to Summer '17, babes!!