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Hey y'all! Today we are going to talk about how to use Like to Know it! This post will teach you exactly how to use it and why it is important to sign up. Like to Know it is a lifesaver. It will save you tons of time.

How to Use Like to Know It:

Sign up here:

VOILA! You are done. Now every time you “like” a photo on Instagram with the #likeit hashtag, you will receive an email in approximately 5 minutes with all the details.

All it takes is a double tap on your smart phone and all the work is done. All you have to do is wait for the information to be sent to you. The concept of online shopping has literally never been easier. You just sign up with your Instagram log-in. There’s no muss or fuss. Just remember the email with all the details go straight to the email you used to set up with your Instagram account and if you have a Gmail account it will most likely go to the “Promotions” inbox.

How you can Sign Up and use the Screenshot feature to Shop my Looks:

As a blogger/influencer I take pictures of an outfit and upload it to Like to Know it and tag it with the products in the picture, as well as share the link to purchase it from one of the 4,000 retailer that partner with Like to Know it.

WHAT TO DO: To use the new app all you have to do is take a screenshot of a photo you want to shop. This can be a screenshot of a bloggers Instagram, shots from fashion week or even a photo a friend sends to you. In this case, you’ll be screenshotting one of my clothing items. As soon as you screenshot the photo, the app will analyze it and send you a notification if it can match the image with one of the many submitted and tagged photos with the apps database.

Then you can open the app and shop the content that was featured in the photo. It can be used anywhere across the great wide web. This app will let both online shoppers and bloggers travel between different social media platforms. If Snapchat pops up tomorrow bloggers can start posting content through that platform because all you would have to do is screenshot it. Everyone is pretty comfortable with using screenshots because it helps them remember the things they genuinely have a desire to buy. So don’t want any time gals!

Download the app, it is available on the iOS App Store and get to screenshotting!