Meet the Spring Interns: Nahja & Nahjeniq

I am so excited for you all to meet my Spring 2017 interns! They were so fabulous & talented. I am so lucky to have met these spunky twins! These girls dream big.

Find out more about what they did for me this past spring below.

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Ohhhh na na what's your names:?

Nahja Buchanan and Nahjeniq Buchanan

Where are you from?

Nahja: Albany, New York

Nahjeniq: Albany, New York. The capital baby!

Where do you go to school and what is your major?

Nahja: LIM College and my major is Fashion Merchandising

Nahjeniq: LIM College and my major is currently Marketing but I'm thinking of changing it to Fashion Media

How did you get the gig working with Madisen on Madison?

Nahja: Met her at this fashion week party and we just clicked! She's one of the most amazing individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting

Nahjeniq: Nahja and I were so lucky to meet her at a fashion week party for influencers, and she was super sweet and kind. We liked her from the get-go. She has been so amazing to us and she deserves every great thing that is coming her way.

How did you end up in NYC?

We both are really into film, fashion and acting and we knew that the best place for us to get discovered and jumpstart are careers would be the Big Apple

What are your interests?

Nahja: I love movies so I'm always watching them with Nahjeniq whether that be in the comfort of our apartment or the theater. Also I love classical music so I like to practice my violin when I can get a chance. Music is a big part of who I am so catch me constantly jamming out down the streets of NYC :)

Nahjeniq: As Nahja said we are HUGE film geeks. I watch films all the time. I also love to practice my violin whenever I can. And I am really into learning foreign languages. Currently I'm learning French, Italian, and brushing up on my Spanish. But I would love to learn harder ones like Romanian or Danish. Side note: if I could wake up one day knowing every language fluently I would be so happy.

Who is your style icon?

Nahja: Jane Birkin, hands down

Nahjeniq: Audrey Hepburn and Penelope Cruz!

What is your go-to look?

Nahja: vintage tee, high-waisted unicorn jeans, doc martens

Nahjeniq: dark wash jeans, go-go boots, and a solid tank top

What is your favorite look from Madisen on Madison blog?

Nahja: I love love the Coachella looks, I'm all about the bell sleeve rompers to let out my inner forest nymph!

Nahjeniq: There was a post not too long ago about white t-shirt dresses. I love this look so much. It's so clean and fresh and I am all about a minimal look.

What have you learned this semester while working with Madisen?

Nahja: Writing articles take time. You for sure have to do you research because trends are constantly changing.

Nahjeniq: Proofread, proofread, proofread! And that writing is something I really do enjoy.

What is your favorite part about working with Madisen on Madison?

Nahja: Madisen is my favorite part! She's so great and inspiring, I love her to pieces.

Nahjeniq: Being able to have a boss who is also a friend. It's make the job all the more fun. Love you Madisen!

What are your aspirations or goals?

Nahja: I want to act/model/direct in the future. To be able to act in and create films that touch people would be a dream. I would love to win an Oscar in the future. Cinema saves people and to be able to work in that field would mean the world to me.

Nahjeniq: I have dreamt of acting since I was in the 2nd grade. To become a worthy actress in the industry is my goal in life. And once I have done that I want to win an Oscar before I am 29 years old because that is when my favorite actress, Natalie Portman, won hers. After that, I'd like to start making my own films with my sister. We're a dynamic duo.

How do you feel like this internship will prepare you for the future?

Nahja: It makes me manage my time more efficiently which is huge for me because I put the pro in procrastination!

Nahjeniq: It has definitely taught me better time management with college and work. But I have enjoyed this experience so much and it's all thanks to Madisen.

What are your summer plans?

We'll both be in Florida for the summer, working for Universal Studios and meeting with modeling agencies! If you're looking for fabulous twins check us out. Wish us luck!

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Don't forget: Madisen on Madison is HIRING- Want to be an intern for Summer 2017 or Fall 2017? Send me an email ( and resume, if you are interested!