National Thrift Day Challenge with Buffalo Exchange & Simply Audree Kate

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I teamed up with Buffalo Exchange and my blogger best fran, Audree from Simply Audree Kate for a National Thrift Day Challenge. For those of you that don't know... National Thrift Day is on Thursday, August 17th. And, this will be  first of many blogger collabs for me! I hope you all enjoy!

Audree and I both went into Buffalo Exchange last week and set out to find a new outfit for the fall! We originally set a budget for under $50, but we ended up going over budget due to all of the amazing finds. Sorry guys we COULD NOT RESIST!

Instead of online shopping & not knowing what you are going to get, check out your local thrift or consignment store – Buffalo Exchange has over 30 locations across the country. You will love what you find! Since moving to NYC, thrifting is so my new thing. You can get all the latest trends and spice them up with so many different finds. I love a good weekend thrift sesh! Side note: Apparently my intern, Steph went back the next day to shop for herself! I think we turned her into a thrifter!! Audree and I have very similar styles and aesthetics, so we thought it would be fun to pull a full outfit with the limitations of one store, a budget and time crunch.

Drum roll please...Let’s see how we did – keep scrolling to follow all the fun!


When we arrived to Buffalo, the store was already jam packed with thrifters. It took me while to find some pieces I actually loved. But eventually, I found the perfect graphic tee to pair with a fluffy off-white ballerina skirt! Next, I knew I needed some accessories. I grabbed a colorful, knot belt and a purple purse embossed with gorgeous pearls! The two went perfectly together. I then fell in love with a pair of silver pointed-toe sneakers from Zara that were only 14 bucks! OK... STEAL!


Lastly, I knew I needed another layer. I found this fun "doctor-like" white coat that had a tie in the front. This striking coat sat perfectly above my flashy belt! Both of our outfits ended up being around $80 each. I actually didn't have to use anything from my closet at home. Everything you see here was thrifted, so YAY! I totally got an A- with this challenge. I got the minus because we originally thought we would hit the mark of under $50, but we couldn’t part with any of the items. We both got 3 pieces of clothing, shoes, purses and accessories – in my book, that’s a steal!

I feel like both of our outfits really speak to our personal style and we loved collaborating on this challenge together! Thank you Buffalo Exchange for teaming up with us on this National Thrift Day Challenge. Don't forget to visit Audree’s blog to see her post and follow her on Instagram

This post was sponsored by Buffalo Exchange.