7 Must Have Designer Bags

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but designer bags are forever..

You don't need to be the Devil with a Prada filled wardrobe to own a nice bag. In my opinion, designer bags are something every woman should invest in and have hanging in their closets till the end of time. Or, as Carrie Bradshaw puts it: "I like to have my investments hanging in my closet". So, here are 7 designer bags, from your everyday go-to to your evening clutch, that are worth trading in your life savings for.

1. Chanel Quilted Bag

photo courtesy of madison avenue couture

This is a fashion classic that likely needs no introduction because you are sure to see it on the top of every fashionista's wish list. Before you drop major cash on this beauty, pop into some second hand stores where you may find this bag with a much more affordable price tag attached to it.

2. Stella McCartney's Falabella

photo courtesy of shopstyle

Most know Stella's Falabella for its signature chain trim, which adds the right amount of edge to the bags simplistic design.

3. Mansur Graviel Bucket Bag

photo courtesy of net-a-porter

One of this years most popular styles, the bucket bag, has been in high demand amongst New York's coolest. The simple nature of the style effortlessly compliments any casual outfit.

4. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

photo courtesy of vogue.it

There is something about traveling with Louis Vuitton that seems essential. The Speedy is practical and can hold everything from your travel sized shampoos and magazines, to your short weekend get-away items. If I were you..I'd get this baby monogramed so your friends can't steal it!

5. Hermès Birkin

photo courtesy of moda operandi

The Birkin bag occupies an exclusive space at the top of the designer bag hierarchy. This particular bag is highly sought after, and immediately screams status and exclusivity. So, if you're thinking of selling your soul anytime soon, feel free to purchase the nearly $10,000 bag. #Thethirstisreal

6. YSL Crossbody Bag

photo courtesy of polyvore

YSL's small shoulder bag is both functional and chic. Clothing and trends constantly change but this is one timeless piece that will be hanging in your closet forever.

TIP: Convert this bag into an evening clutch by tucking the chain into the inside of the bag!

7. Chloe Marcie Bag

photo courtesy of camille styles

Last but not least, every woman needs an unneccesarily large bag for all of her unneccesary things. This classic Chloe style is roomy and practical for your everyday life, and the high quality leather will last you a lifetime.