Accessories That Your Workspace Craves

Calling all my working babes! If you're sick of your bare white walls and lifeless cubicle, its probably time to say farewell to those dull staplers and boring paperclips, and trade them in for accessories that make up the perfect recipe for an inspired and colorful workspace.

So, I'm here to make sure that next time your tired Monday eyes wonder away from your excel spreadsheets, that you will land on something that is gaurenteed to brighten up your day.

Check out these fun accessories that your workspace craves:

1. Planner

photo courtesy of etsy

If you're having one of those weeks where you thought tuesday was thursday, then I suggest you invest in a planner to keep your life on track. Big or small, designed or colorful, keep your life consistently organized while adding some life to your desk!

2. Caddy

photo courtesy of cotton on

3. Mini-plant

photo courtesy of tumblr

Including a cute succulent to your desk is one way to add a touch of life to your space without taking up much room. Plus, these spiky plants are super low maintenance and you can find them for as low as $3!

4. Stapler

photo courtesy of getty images

Dull black staplers are so yesterday. Its time to add some personality to your office essentials, and put some fun into stapling! (If thats even a thing)

5. Wall Decor

photo courtesy of etsy

Since you basically live at work 5 days out of the week, wall decor is one of the easiest ways to make your space feel a bit more like home. Check out etsy for countless of cheap and fun prints and pictures, or frame a pic of you and your closest friends!

6. Writing utensils

photo courtesy of getty images

Trade in your writing utensils for these quote pencils. You can get them in hundreds of different colors and sayings and they'll be great conversation starters at the next boring office meeting!