I got 99 problems but New York Fashion Week aint one... 

Lets be real, in the past, I've been the crazy girl in stilettos running from show to show with my phone on 5%..STILL attempting to finish my morning coffee and almond crossaint at noon. 

So, with the craziness that makes up NYFW, I'm sharing with you the important essentials that I keep in my bag to help keep me organized and prepared. Starting with LOTS of concealer, these items are guaranteed to shield me from anything that gets thrown my way! 

photo courtesy of google images

First, I suggest investing in a stylish yet functional bag to house all of your products comfortably! 

1. Portable Charger 

During NYFW, a portable charger is your best friend. If you've ever been to fashion week, you're basically on the go ALL day. Whether I'm running from show to show every hour, in and out of meetings, responding to texts or religiously posting on social media, I may just rely on my portable charger more than my beloved coffee to get me through my day.

2. Setting Powder

Like I said, I'm constantly on the go during NYFW. So I like to keep a travel size setting powder with me at ALL times. This is a great investment and a real life-saver for eliminating shine in between shows! You're t-zone will thank you!! 

3. Lipstick 

My favorite lipstick might already call my bag home, but this one is a MUST, especially if I need to do quick touch-ups throughout my day! Need help choosing a shade that will perfect your NYFW looks? Check out my latest post on the hottest colors for fall! 

4. Roll On Perfume 

When I'm running from meetings to shows all day, I want to make sure I stay refreshed and smelling nice. That being said, one swipe of my go-to roll on perfume always does the trick! You'll have everyone thinking #Iwokeuplikethis

5. The Schedule 

This one might be a "Duh!", but there's so much going on during fashion week that its easy to forget everything on my to-do list! To keep my self organized and on track I always invest in a small agenda that I can easily toss in my bag! 

6. Change Of Shoes

Yes, beauty is pain, but NOT during fashion week. I keep a pair of flats with me to change into for those in between moments when no ones watching. Flats always get me through the week without wreaking havoc on my feet!

7. Uber/ Via App 

Car services are my personal savior during NYFW. I usually don't have much time in between shows so I heavily rely on uber and via to get me where I need to be on time! Plus, this gives me the time i need to freshen up or catch up on emails! 

8. Snacks

I like to store a few energy bars, almonds and water in my bag to snack on throughout my day! Its a long day so to prevent getting hangry, this helps me get the burst of energy I need to survive!