The Cutest NYC Coffee Shops

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Did you even indulge in your morning cup of joe if you don't have a picture to prove it?

After living in New York City for some time, I quickly learned that 10/10 times, Manhattan coffee shops are just as beautiful as the latte art.

So, I've hunted down seven NYC coffee shops that are likely to satisfy your aesthetic eye, and serve you a whole lot more than just a quality cup of coffee! Yet, these shops will give you the ideal atmosphere for Instagram-worthy shots of some of your favorite caffeine delight!!

1. Happy Bones //

If you happen to find yourself in Nolita anytime soon, this quaint and chic café is for you. Whether you bring a friend, or hide out on a rainy day, don't leave without documenting your own sip against the exposed white wash brick and marble tables!

(Note: Happy Bone's is also connected to a vintage store where you can dig for designer pieces after you indulge!)

photo courtesy of happybonesnyc

photo courtesy of happybonesnyc

2. Ralphs Coffee //

This hidden gem is located on the third floor of the Ralph Lauren store on 5th avenue. If you're looking for an experience, or you just simply want to rest your feet in between shopping down the famous block, Ralph's has your back. I highly suggest you fuel up with their dreamy chocolate chip cookies!

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3. Toby's Estate //

Sit down on one of the plush velvet sofas at Toby's Estate in Brooklyn or the West Village, and stay awhile! Grab a coffee and do some work, or relax and take a look at its shelves filled with eye-catching knickknacks!

photo courtesy of tobysbrooklyn

photo courtesy of tobysbrooklyn

4. Two Hands //

Save yourself the trip to the beach and opt for Two Hands, a café full of tropical island goodness. Besides the obviously good latte's and prime Soho location, Two Hands has a full brunch menu to compliment your drink of choice!

photo courtesy of twohandsnyc

photo courtesy of twohandsnyc

5. Project Cozy //

Its not just cozy.. its cozy as FCK! Cozy up with this hot-spots famous mint coffee and take an Instagram-worthy shot that will make all you're friends ask where you are!

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photo courtesy of projectcozy

6. Three Seats Espresso and Barber //

Come for the steaming hot espresso and gorgeous view of Tompkins Square Park, and stay for a fresh cut at this part espresso bar, part barber shop! At this local-approved East Village joint you are guaranteed the full treatment!

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7. Cha Cha Matcha //

Little Italy's Cha Cha Matcha is straight out of a pinterest dream, and may just be the most Instagramable café in the city. So, if you're looking for some of the best iced green latte's with a backdrop that is easy to the eye, this coffee shop is your spot.

photo courtesy of chachamatcha

photo courtesy of chachamatcha