NYFW Recap: According To A Newbie

Hey guys and gals! It's me, Steph, Madisen's intern aka "the NYFW newbie"

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week with Madisen.

And, yes, it was as amazing as I thought it'd be. Between the back-to-back shows, the outfit changes (because, obviously you gotta look 100 ), and the countless amount of ubers and after party's, it was definitely one for the books.

Pulling up to Skylight Clarkson Sq., the birth of new fashion and trends for the upcoming season, was initially intimidating. To the left and right of me were editors, bloggers, and models in head-to-toe designer, being chased around by photographers. It was surreal, to say the least.

With my full time school and work schedule, I was lucky to attend as many shows as I could in my free time. (Note: next year I'm completely clearing my schedule) That being said, I attended Madisen and Audrey's NYFW pre-pamper party, the New York School of Design S/S18 presentation, Lulus event, Namilia and Timo Weiland's show.

The best part about NYFW was being able to dress up and be as extra as possible, and be in the same room as many of my icons in the industry. #madeit

Something that I learned from my experience at fashion week was that shows NEVER start on time, so if you're rushing.. don't stress. Also, if you're going to the shows for work (like me), make sure you're phone is charged, so you can take an excessive amount of boomerangs!! Last but not least, there will always be tons of alcohol and free stuff! Take advantage.

Overall, NYFW made me feel some typa way and I can't wait for next time!


Special thanks to Madisen for letting this newbie experience it!