Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The spookiest time of the year is quickly creeping up on us!! (Pun intended..)

So, procrastinating queens out there.. fear not! Halloween may be right around the corner, but these last-minute costume ideas can still be accomplished with minimal DIY skills, a few trips to the store, and even items you already have lying around your own home! 

These ideas are simple, cheap, and UN-BOO-LEIVABLY easy to do yourself! (Sorry, I just can't help myself) 

1. Rosie the Riveter 

photo courtesy of PopSugar 

 YOU CAN DO IT! All you need is a denim shirt and a red bandana to show case your inner Rosie. Whether these items are already lying around your home or not, they can be found at almost any clothing store near you! 

2. Forest Gump & Jenny 

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Calling all couples! This duo is the perfect idea, and DIY costume for you and your boo. There is simply no need to spend big bucks on this look, just check out your local thrift shop for the few pieces you'll need! 

3. Madeline Mackenzie As Audrey Hepburn

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When we think of Audrey Hepburn, we think of the black dress and pearls. But, this character from our new favorite Netflix series, dresses in an oversized white shirt and a sleeping mask. No pants needed for this costume!

4. Dia de los Muertos Skeleton

 photo courtesy of Pinterest

Transform yourself into a Day of the Dead skeleton with lots of colorful makeup! If you're not quite the make of artist yourself, there are plenty of online tutorials to help make this look 100.

5. Waldo 

 photo courtesy of Pinterest 

Where's Waldo?? Rock this Waldo look with a red and white striped shirt, a hat, and a pair of black glasses! This DIY costume is simple and cost-effective, and will surely be grabbing everyone's attention! 

6. Wednesday Addams 

photo courtesy of Pinterest 

The Wednesday Addams costume is as easy as the resting b*tch face you'll be making all night. All you need is a black button-down, a black skirt, some braids, and you're good to make use of that #RBF!

7. Regina George from Mean Girls 

photo courtesy of PopSugar 

OMG, I love your shirt. Where'd you get it? Channel your inner Regina George with possibly the easiest DIY costume in the game. All you need is a white tank top, a purple bra and some scissors! 

8. Twin Emoji 

photo courtesy of google images

#TWINNING. Become the emoji everyone loves with a black leotard or body suit and DIY ears with black construction paper. If you don't have the time, run over to a party store and invest in some tulle ears! Lastly, pair up with your bff and get to posing!  

9. Bandits

photo courtesy of Pinterest 

If you and your partner in crime need a last minute costume this Halloween, this one is for you! Throw on a black and white striped shirt, gloves, and a mask that can easily be home made or bought on a dime! You'll look like you've planned this for months. 

10. Baywatch 

photo courtesy of pinterest 

This classic costume is one that will never be anything less than red-hot! Transform yourself into total BAE-watch with a red swimsuit or leotard and whistle. For an extra beachy touch, put some lotion on your nose!