How To Host A Friendsgiving 101

Friendsgiving (noun): A holiday for people who resent their real family. 

All urban dictionary and jokes aside.. a holiday consumed of delicious food and endless amounts of wine in the good company of your bestie's is something we can always look forward to. 

Plus, Friendsgiving, which is typically held on a day that is not the fourth Thursday in November, is the perfect opportunity to host a cute lil' party and see all of your friends before they head home for the holidays. 

Now is the ideal time to host a Friendsgiving that is both trendy and easy to pull off in a short amount of time. Below are a few tips and tricks that I've come up with to help you host one of your own this season! So pick a date, a menu and a few friends!! 

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1. The host makes the turkey

The only real rule of Thanksgiving dinner is that the host makes the turkey and the gravy. If you don't know how to make a turkey, take this as a step to adulthood, and have some fun and some laughs throughout the process. This should be your only contribution to the dinner! 

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2. Coordinate a potluck of dishes 

If you want to make it easy for both you and your guests, organize your potluck with a sign up sheet that is easy to access and will keep you organized. Try Google Docs because it is free and easy! 

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3. Think of new people to invite

If you want to stay true to the spirit of the holiday's, invite anyone who is new to the area, your friend group, or anyone who doesn't have family to spend Thanksgiving with. This is a low-key dinner that is the perfect atmosphere to share your friendship with others, feast, have fun, and be thankful. 

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4. Set a nice table 

If you're hosting, you must understand that the atmosphere is as almost as important as the food. This goes for real napkins, a tablecloth, wine glasses, flowers, candles, and decorative place cards. If you want to go the extra mile, decorate the table with fallen leaves and fruits or put out some playing cards or board  games! All of this shows proper etiquette and is simply more fun! 

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5. Wine, wine, and MORE wine

Is it even a Friendsgiving without wine? In the Google doc, don't forgot to coordinate alcohol, because let's be real, thats the only reason why I'm going to any parties this year. Ask a few people to bring dry whites, and a few other people to bring fruity reds. Others can bring dry hard cider, which is a great wine alternative. 

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6. Someone create a playlist

This one's simple. Someone in the group with the best music taste should obviously create a playlist to keep the good vibes going all night. Make sure speakers are involved! 

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7. Stock up on disposable containers for leftovers 

Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parting gifts you can give your lovely guests. Either stock up on some disposable containers beforehand or encourage your guests to bring their own. 

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8. Have fun

And don't tell mom you had more fun at Friendsgiving than your own family Thanksgiving!! 

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