Sunday Productivity

They say Saturday is for the boys and Sunday is for the scaries...

Yes, okay, although it may be true after a night full of bubbles, those boys who think they own Saturday, and overdraft fees, Sunday morning will probably seem a bit scary. Maybe next weekend stay in on Saturday? Okay, do you girl, BUT, this Sunday replace ~scary~ with ~ reset~. 

Dedicate this Sunday to lookin' positively into the potential of a new week. Treat yourself by not laying in bed and binge watching Stranger Thing's all day. This Sunday, focus on ways you can improve the rest of your week through a “reset” as opposed to living in fear of what is to come (and how unprepared you may feel for it.) And p.s., you’re always doing better than you think. 

Here's a few things you should hop on board with this Sunday so you can feel as prepared, productive and amazing for the week ahead: 

1. Yoga 

Nah-Im-a-stay-in-bed! (I'm soo punny!) All jokes aside, yoga is the absolute best way to relax, unwind and clear your head. You will leave feeling totally zen, stronger than ever, and ready to take on the week. I suggest you try my new favorite yoga studio in the city ~Y7 Yoga~ !! 

2. Face masks 

Sunday is the perfect day to do something for yourself. Face masks don't occupy much of your time, but they also also you enough opportunity to kick back, relax, and clear your head before you spend an entire week adding on to it! This is definitely my #1 tip to starting the week off right! 

3. Paint your nails 

Self care is soo important! If you're not the biggest fan of painting your own nails, block out some time to get your nails done in between laundry and your yoga class! Having your nails on-point will leave you feeling more confident, and accomplished! 

4. Clean your room 

If you do absolutely nothing on this list, make cleaning your room a must on your to-do list! There is nothing more stressful on Monday morning than waking up to a messy room. Plus,  if your like me, there really is something theraputic about cleaning and organizing! Uber productive! 

5. Groceries/ Meal prep 

Getting lunch in between your day can be time consuming and totally $$$ consuming! This Sunday, practice the art of grocery shopping and meal prepping! If you're stuck on what to mix up for the week, Pinterest has some amazing recipes if you want to try something new! 

6. Laundry 

You can probably get away with doing laundry once a week but whatever you choose, don't make Monday's harder than they already are! Have your clothing picked up by Fly Cleaners or walk to your nearest laundromat! Sunday is the perfect day to tackle this task because let's be real, having a clean and fresh wardrobe for Monday morning may just be the best feeling in the world. 

7. Write out schedule for the week 

I highly recommend investing in a planner for yourself. There's cute lil' planners of all sorts so find one that is uniquely your style! Spend some time and energy color coding, organizing or doing whatever you gotta do to mentally prepare for whatever is coming up.  It's basically like life homework, you won't regret it!

8. Light a candle 

A fresh scent is of course the cherry on top. Need I say more??