Hot Spots To Throw Your Birthday Party In NYC

Go shawty It's your birthday We gon' party like it's yo birthday We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday...

Ok I'm done. Go right ahead and schedule your appointment at the Dry Bar, sip a lil' Bacardi & start sending out those Facebook invites to your inner circle, because I've hand picked the best and the hottest places around NYC to throw your next bday bash. Safe to say, you're birthday will be one for the books, but you probably won't remember it anyways.

1. Bagatelle

Don't let the sophisticated decor fool you. At Bagatelle brunch, you can get as #lit as you want.. maybe even dance on a table or two.

photo courtesy of Getty Images

2. Lavo

Have you been on the look out for a space that's always down to get down? Let me introduce you to Lavo Brunch.

photo courtesy of Getty Images

3. Il Bastardo

Il Bastardo is an old-school Italian restaurant meets hot NYC nightclub. Case in Point!

photo courtesy of Refinery 29

4. Bocca Di Bacco

This spot is perfect for an endless mimosa-filled birthday party. Nuff' said.

photo courtesy of Getty Images

5. Tijuana Picnic

This LES spot is a retro-chic Mexican restaurant, turned downstairs bumping bar. We'll see you on the floor.

photo courtesy of Refinery 29

6. La Esquina

You and your guests will get a thrill knocking on the secret door and descending into this guacamole and tequila bar sanctuary.

photo courtesy of Guest of a Guest

7. Beauty & Essex

If you do nothing else, go to Beauty & Essex. Once you go in, there's a door that leads you to where the real party starts.

photo courtesy of Beauty and Essex