How to Manage NYFW like a Pro

New York Fashion Week is finally here (*Cue Drumroll Please*), and  if you just happen to be attending some of the biggest events in fashion, this post is for you! I've been around the NYFW block a few times, so below are tips that are key to my survival guide in managing Fashion Week like an absolute pro... and of course surviving it in style.

1. Packing comfortable shoes is crucial. Sore feet can literally ruin your week if you don’t take care of them.

 photo courtesy of Pinterest 

2. Don't stress too much about your looks. If you don't feel like wearing the coat you initially planned another other coat might work! NYFW is supposed to be fun too! 

photo courtesy of The Zoe Report  

3. Get your business cards ready. Fashion Week is an important part of building personal brand and establishing relationships, and you never know who you could run into. 

 photo courtesy of The Zoe Report 

4. Invest in a back up portable charger for your portable charger. You're Iphone is going to be under a lot of stress this week, so don't take any risks and keep your battery percentage high! 

 photo courtesy of Animated Fashion 

5. Take a moment for masks. Face masks are a quick and easy way to pamper your tired skin, since you likely won't be getting as much sleep as you'd like. 

photo courtesy of Pinterest

 6. Take another moment. Find moments of calm in the storm, and take a few moments to meditate with an app like Headspace. This is a good way to make use of time when a show is starting late! 

photo courtesy of Getty Images