Healthy Restaurants In NYC

Have you and you're friends ever been hundreds of Yelps deep on a Friday afternoon, or wandering around the city with minutes to spare on your lunch break, thoroughly investigating restaurants in your hood that offers options that are suitable for your newly formed vegan diet, dishes that are so good you ask the chef for the recipe, and provides an Instagram worthy aesthetic? Yeah me too..

If you've been there, done that, let me make it easy for you. Waste no more time scrolling through the black hole I like to call Yelp, and check out the healthiest restaurants around New York City, that even non-vegans are treking the subways too.

1. By Chloe

If you've been around the New York block a few times, you've probably heard of By Chloe. Let me be the first to tell you that this famed vegan restaurant is definitely worth the hype, and the long lines. PS- don't leave without sampling the quinoa tacos and guac burgers!

photo courtesy of Aimee Song

2. Mulberry & Vine

Swap out you're dollar slices or corner deli for cleaner ingredients on your next lunch break. This eatery is perfect if you're running short on time, whether you're filling up at the buffet bar, or refueling after a post Soul Cycle workout. I guarantee the grilled avocado will leave you wanting more...

photo courtesy of Well and Good

3. Pazzi Pasta

Healthy Italian? (What??) I know what you're thinking so let me explain. This hot spot has incorporated ancient grains including farro and kamut into their pasta dishes, leaving us feeling full and with #noregrets. Located in Brooklyn, this is one eatery that is worth crossing the bridge for.

photo courtesy of Well and Good

4. Dirt Candy

If you're not already a vegetarian, you may seriously reconsider after dining at this LES restaurant. There's plenty of Instagram-able menu options to try from, but the Brussel sprouts tacos should be #1 on your list. Trust me on this one.

photo courtesy of Tasting Table

5. Hu Kitchen

On the search for clean, non processed foods? Say hello to Hu Kitchen (also taglined as "food for humans"). Whether you're located in the UES, or venturing around Union Square for the day, you can find everything from made to order breakfast, lunch, and dinner to fresh-pressed juices for a quick pick-me-up.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

6. Dimes

Imagine if I told you that you could drink tequila and be healthy? Well, at Dimes you can do exactly that and try one of their wheatgrass margaritas! The avocado packed breakfast tacos won't let you down either.

photo courtesy of Yelp

7. 00 & Co

Giving up dairy is like going to the dentist. We should really go TBH, but we never actually do. But, Double Zero restaurant proves that we can still enjoy our New York slice with vegan and plant-based pizzas that you'll definitely want to photo-op before cutting in.

photo courtesy of Clean Plates

8. Cafe Clover

Do brunch the right way with nutritionist approved food that does good for both you and your body. Although the menu changes seasonally, no matter what you order, you can always expect superfoods like fruits and cauliflower, and greens accompanied by sprouted grains to make an appearance.

photo courtesy of Instagram

9. Inday

Have a lil' fun at this Indian-fusion spot and build your own bowls with ingredients like cauliflower rice, sprouted lentils and coconut chutney. This is perfect for if your on-the-go since all the bowls are prepped quickly and packaged to go.

photo courtesy of Pure Wow

10. Ladybird

Beware! This East Village vegetarian bar decked with white marble, emerald velvet and gleaming gold might just distract you from the fact that vegetarian food actually tasted this good. (I swear!) First things first, don't leave without sampling the chardonnay splashed fondue served with a slate of fresh veggies.

photo courtesy of Lady Bird

11. Sun In Bloom

If you happen to find yourself wandering around Tribecca anytime soon, stop into Sun in Bloom for their deliciously clean and gluten free dishes. This quaint spot specializes in plant-based, vegan, and raw living food cuisine. Grab a vegan cheesecake on your way out to satisfy that sweet spot later!

photo courtesy of Sun in Bloom

12. The Organic Grill

This East Village vegetarian café is as cozy as it is welcoming. Even meat-eaters will be craving the Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Sandwich, along with the veggie burgers. Pair your entrees with one of the many organic wines, beers or teas from their impressive chalkboard list.

photo courtesy of The Organic Grill