How to Achieve a "Summer Glow" in Spring

Let's be real here.. we're coming off the cold winter months, our skin is dry and flaky. It no longer has that sun-kissed touch it once did in July. If that sounds a lot like you, me too girl, me too. But, I'm also here to tell you that it is possible to achieve that perfect luminous, radiant, dewy summer glow long before the summer months hit.

Behold, I'm sharing with you my secrets on how to get-lit quick and have all your friends asking what tropical island you jetted off to.

photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Tip #1: Get-Lit from Within

First things first, it's essential to take care of our skin. It is after all, our body's largest organ and a direct reflection of what's happening on the inside. Try these tips for a few weeks straight and watch as you naturally reveal your skins radiance!

photo courtesy of The Zoe Report

Dietary Changes

If you've ever heard the saying "you are what you eat", then you probably know that you should be loading up on fruits and veggies. Whether you're mixing your creation into smoothies or salads, these healthy nutrients hydrate from the inside out.

photo courtesy of Anne G.

Drink More Water

Water can do WONDERS for your complexion. Our body is made up of 64% water, so attempt 8 glasses a day for your skins sake! This tactic will not only improve your sleep and mood, but its the secret to supple, glowing, and ageless skin.

photo courtesy of Fit Girl's Diary

Exercise Sesh

I've learned that in order to achieve the perfect glow, you must work for it. That being said, a solid workout will get the blood flowing and will reflect in your face long after your well-earned cardio sesh.

photo courtesy of My Fitness Pal

More Snoozing

Say goodbye to your all-nighters and hello to your bed! I highly recommend snoozing after 10 p.m. to fully take advantage of the benefits of cell turnover and collagen building throughout the night.

photo courtesy of Women's Health UK

The Right Headspace

Stress and hormones are the leading factors of acne and inflammation in the skin. Stress-less with meditating and yoga so that you don't rob your skin of the glow! Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, take a few minutes for you, with the Headspace app. Do it for your skin!

photo courtesy of LuLu Lemon

Tip #2: Show Your Glow With Makeup
Okay, now this is the fun part. Step into any Sephora, or rummage through your makeup bag to uncover the tools to transform your winter skin into the glowing complexion you've been waiting for all year.

photo courtesy of Gurl

Wash Off Winter

Before you can successfully apply your coverup and highlighter, you must exfoliate with a beaded cleanser that washes away all the dead skin you have acquired throughout the colder months of the year. Exfoliating your skin will make it appear brighter and feel a lot smoother!

photo courtesy of Shape


My top-trick for radiant skin is properly hydrating your skin after you cleanse it. A quick hydration boost can either come from a variety of lotions and creams, or a 15 minute hydrating mask from Dr. Jart.

photo courtesy of Janine Falcon


Finally, the glowier the better when it comes to highlighter! Depending what looks best on your skin tone, gold, rose gold, and silver are my favorite accents this season. Add highlighter to areas of reflection including under the tail of your brow, upper cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the tip of your chin.

photo courtesy of The Beauty Bunny