Coachella Looks 2018

Ah, Coachella, the Instagram-glamorous festival that is known worldwide for its contribution to fashion and style just as much as its music and culture. If you happen to be jetting off to Indio, California the second week of April, let me help you prepare for the craziest most free-spirited most glamorous ensembles you'll be rocking all year. 

 photo courtesy of Heloisa Cesti


There is no better combination than sequins beneath the colorful desert sky. Whether your outfit gives off serious Glamazon vibes or simply incorporates just a touch of jewels or rhinestones, Coachella is the perfect festival to really turn up the glam. 

photo courtesy of Instagram 

 photo courtesy of Glitter Festival

 photo courtesy of Rave

Flower Child

There's no better way to keep the spirit of the festival alive than incorporating the style of the 60's and 70's. From flowing skirts, crop tops to flower crowns, this is your chance to channel your inner flower child. 

photo courtesy of Katie Myers 

photo courtesy of Pinterest  

 photo courtesy of Shai

Bohemian Babe

Coachella is known for its Bohemian free spirited vibes so why not add a flowy or fringe element to your ensemble this year. Did I mention I LOVE this style?

photo courtesy of Sue Rapp 

photo courtesy of Love Raving 

 photo courtesy of Pinterest