The 4-1-1 on Instagram Aesthetics

Instagram is THE app everyone checks everyday — more like every hour — and new features are added constantly! You can always count on there to be a new IG trend/obsessions in your IG feed.

A huge trend right now is the Huji Cam app. It's basically an in-app disposable camera, which makes all your photos look super saturated, adds little rainbow glow, and a time stamp in the corner. 

Whether you are an influencer, a business or just an average joe IG user knowing how to navigate this app is essential in the progression of your business and personal brand. According to the Instagram guru, Eva Chen, most fashion followers open Instagram over 32 times a day and follow hundreds of accounts... aka never get the "you're all caught up" feature!

@MadisenonMadison typically uses VSCO filter A2 on photos with a contrast of +2 and brightness of +2 and sometimes +6 grain to give it more of that film camera vibe. With summer in full swing, the feed is changing and so are the filters to match the colorful activities involved with the season.

I truly believe that having an IG aesthetic makes a world of difference! See below for some of my favorite IG filters out right now!

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Quick Facts on IG Fashion 

(From yet ANOTHER @evachen IG story! Woohooo!)

Top 5 Fashion Hashtags 






Top 5 Followed Designers

1. @chanelofficial

2. @louisvuitton

3. @victoriabeckham

4. @gucci

5. @dior

Top 5 Most Viewed Stories

1. @emrata

2. @chiaraferragni

3. @angelcandices

4. @haileybaldwin

5. @caradelevingne

VSCO Cam App

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VSCO Cam Filter E3

Turning up the temp and the highlights, will really “blow out”  your photos. Perfect for a fashion blogger’s IG!

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VSCO Cam Filter C8

Perfect filter if you are always traveling, or laying by the pool. This filter goes perfectly with aqua blue.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

VSCO Cam Filter A10

Tone down your photos and add grain for a 90's vibe, for someone who 'only buys clothes from vintage stores.'

photo courtesy of Pinterest

VSCO Cam Filter C3

If you love color and everything bright this your new lifestyle filter!

photo courtesy of Pinterest

VSCO Cam Filter E2 

Want everything to have a touch of 'millennial pink' this filter will make your dream come true!

Lightroom Mobile App

By now you have definitely seen changes in blogger and Insta famous people's IG feeds and you probably want to know where the changes are coming from. People are now using a little app called Lightroom (also a desktop application from Adobe — if you want to be real advanced). A major example is Bachelor Famous @amanda_stantonn and her desaturated, dessert vibey Insta. Unlike other 'public figures' she admitted to buying Lightroom presets from @tyfrench (which make her feed look ah-mazing!) Another popular 'public figure' @marianna_hewitt the founder of Summer Friday's, dedicated an entire YouTube video, on her channel, explaining how she uses Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to edit every one of her photos using Lightroom presets. 

Overall, the presets are great but it is definitely a risk considering you have to buy them. And you have no idea what the presets will look like on your personal photos, but it would definitely up your insta game. Maybe, make your own presets and get really into photography.

Quick notes about this application

1. The Lightroom app is free but certain features you have to subscribe to in order to use them

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an application for your computer and you have to subscribe to Adobe to use it 

Side Notes

If you are searching for your next using VSCO filter —  check out this Instagram page:

To buy Lightroom presets: