7 Date Night Spots in NYC and Brooklyn — That You Need to Know About

You may have been dating the same person for what feels like years, but really it’s only been a few months. Or maybe you’re still in the honeymoon phase and everything is perfect and it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Or maybe you’re being a #girlboss and killing it in your work life and are going on dates here and there. Whatever the case, the sun is shining and the stars are bright and you need new, fun, and ~exciting ~ date spots.

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Movie Night

Forget about going to the *regular* movie theatres — where you can’t talk and it’s freeezing! There's a similar activity that is hard to find but worth the search.

Option 1: Get your car or borrow a friends and go to a Drive-In movie!! You'll get to watch the latest in the box office in your own space and under the stars!! 

Locations include: Tribeca Drive-In at Oculus Plaza (NYC), Hudson Riverflicks at Hudson River Park’s Pier 46 (NYC), Warwick Drive-In (Near NYC), Red Hook Flicks (BKLYN), and Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Outdoor Movie Series (BKLYN).

Option 2: If there aren't any nearby, head over to Amazon and get a mini projector and a blanket and make your own drive in for just the two of you. 

For other perfect summer dates keep reading! Hit up that cute guy or go to the closest rooftop bar and flirt around so you can bring your latest suitor on one of these magical dates! Happy dating! xx

New York City Dates

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Rooftop Lounge at McCarren Hotel & Pool

Summer time means rooftop bars, go look out at the sweeping views of Manhattan and McCarren Park at the Rooftop Lounge at McCarren Hotel & Pool.  Grab drinks with that cute guy at work you've been flirting with and who knows maybe your second date will be at the rooftop pool!

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Black Tap NYC 

Every guy wants to go to lunch and have a burger, so he'll be thrilled when you suggest Black Tap NYC for your next lunch date. Go share an Insta-worthy milkshake in SOHO, LES, or Midtown.

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Graff Tours Manhattan

If you are a creative person and want to do something out of the box, feel like Banksy and create some street art. Book your private or group graffiti lesson in Manhattan on Grafftours.com to take lessons from real street artists or participate in a graffiti walking and view the city through an artistic lens.

Brooklyn Dates

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Is your guy more outdoorsy and drive an F-150? If so, this would be his ideal date! Camp, which is located in 179 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY is the perfect indoor version of camping –– a more enjoyable version of "glamping." Go grab a beer and roast s'mores over a mini fire without having to step outside!

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Jane's Carousel

If your S.O. is a child at heart Jane's Carousel, located  by the Brooklyn Bridge, is the perfect place for the two of you to enjoy your next date. The carousel is romantic and allows yourself to take the day and pretend your kids again. And the location is ideal for a romantic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge after you ride the carousel.

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Gotham West Market at The Ashland

Are you a foodie, does your guys profile say he loves food? Even if you don't classify yourself as a foodie, everyone loves food –– and drinks of course! This Brooklyn hotspot is the perfect place to grab a drink and chat in the food hall that is Gotham West Market at The Ashland.

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Tørst Bar

Want to go abroad with your boyfriend without taking a plane –– then Greenpoint's Tørst is the place for two to grab drinks. This Danish bar has 21 unique beers on tap and a full menu. The best par is you not only don't have to leave Brooklyn to experience a new culture together, Tørst also serves your beer in a wine glass!